Maintenance instructions

All windows require a certain level of maintenance, regardless of whether they are PVC or ALU windows. In order to function properly, the windows need to be cared for and maintained. Maintenance work includes window cleaning, fitting and window frame maintenance.

You have opted for windows that are the latest achievement of modern technology. but if you want the windows to successfully serve their purpose and also maintain a perfect look over a longer period, do not ignore the following advice.


The windows close tightly and allow significant energy savings. With proper ventilation, this is an advantage that enables the establishment of a healthy indoor climate environment.

The advice is as follows:


  • ventilate several times a day, especially in winter. It is better to open the windows completely for a short time, than to tilt them open for a longer time: heat loss is negligible if the furniture and walls do not cool down;
  • thorough ventilation of all rooms for 10–20 minutes is especially important in the morning. It is faster if you open the windows opposite each other to create a through-draught;
  • during the day, about 5 minutes of thorough ventilation is sufficient to exchange the exhaust air with fresh air, otherwise the windows are completely closed.



After the installation of new windows, residue of cement or lime mortar may remain on the frames. Remove it with water to which you have added a small amount of household detergent to prevent seal and fitting damage.



Please do not use corrosive agents or aggressive diluters such as acetone or nitro thinner to clean as they may damage the frames and seals. A special-purpose cleaner that can be obtained from your window and door supplier is best for removing dry and greasy stains. In addition, the moving parts of the fittings must be oiled with a drop of oil at least once a year, so that the windows are always easy to open and close. The drainage openings must also be checked and, if necessary, cleaned.

Using a cutter close to the building products can cause surface damage. In such cases, the entire surface of the building product must be mechanically protected with a non-combustible barrier.

Building products must also be protected during construction work. Building materials can damage the surface of building products or change the appearance of surfaces. If you follow the advice, you will undoubtedly be very happy with your windows for many years.

Instructions for use - Windows handling

Windows and balcony doors are very easy to use. They open one-handed by turning the door handle by 90° or 180° to the left or right. When turning the door handle by 90°, the window casement opens on a vertical axis, and when turned by an additional 90°, it moves to a tilt position.

Double casement windows and balcony doors can be completely open once the main casement is opened. It is opened by pulling the red handle on the side of the casement upwards.

Panoramic walls open in the same way, but by turning the handle to the horizontal position, the casement moves to a tilt position, while by turning the handle to the vertical position, the wall casement can be moved aside.


When the window is open, it is strictly forbidden to turn the handle by 90° upwards in order to move the window to a tilt position—this can only be done when the window is closed.

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