Cugelj ALU front doors

Your residential building front door makes a first impression on the buyer. In addition to safety and energy protection, it is also important that the front door is aesthetically perfect. Cugelj ALU front doors are a product that provides a variety of production options, different colour and styles. Thanks to the vast selection of decorative panels and handles, your front doors can be made exactly as you want them. Cugelj ALU front doors, which are manufactured in our own production, meet all energy and safety standards.

CONFIGURATOR for ALU front doors


Ud = 2,2 W/m2K

CUGELJ BasicLine front doors

Classic front door design – for everyone who wants a door with simple and elegant lines.

Ud = 1,4 W/m2K

CUGELJ MasterLine front doors

Trendy front door design – when you want something more for your home.

Ud < 1,0 W/m2K

CUGELJ PremiumLine front doors

Front doors that are also suitable for passive houses.


Assemble the Cugelj ALU front door

Assemble the front door of your choice. You can choose the model, design, dimension, colour, handles …and finally paste an image of the door onto a photo of your house and send us an inquiry to calculate the price.

Give it a try, you won’t regret it!


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