Lift and slide doors are designed to create individual living space – VEKA SLIDE without boundaries.

Lift and slide wall enables us to bring nature into our homes. The possibility of endless glass surfaces can create
an invisible boundary line between our home and its surroundings. In addition to a simple opening system, it is also designed with a low aluminium threshold (5 mm), which enables smooth passage between the inner and outer part of the panoramic wall, and at the same time guarantees a high level of safety.
This type of walls can be used in any building. Mostly, they are chosen by customers who wish to establish a close connection between their home and its surroundings.

      • Lift and slide system enables easy opening.
      • Minimum height of the aluminium threshold (5 mm) for smooth passages
      • High level of safety.
      • The frame consists of 7 chambers and the wing of 5 chambers.
      • Stylish design and smooth surface for an easy maintenance.
      1. Produced in Slovenia – SLOVENIAN QUALITY
      2. All services (dismantlement, disposal, installation and finishing work) are performed in one place by our qualified employees, and not by external contractors.
      3. We cooperate with the most recognized GERMAN suppliers: VEKA, SCHÜCO, and ROTO.
      4. Defects not resulting from physical damages or inappropriate handling are remedied free of charge.
      5. In cases of complaints, we offer immediate service and spare parts.
      6. Short delivery times.
  • Why Cugelj lift and slide doors?

    • Firmness and stability – we use high-quality VEKA and SCHÜCO profiles with additional reinforcing elements.
    • Excellent thermal insulation – achieved with the right choice of profile and glass.
    • Sound insulation – using the right glass additionally improves the good sound insulation.
    • Anti-theft protection – by default, all windows are equipped with the basic safety hardware ROTO – NT.
    • Durability.
    • Easy maintenance.
    • We guarantee you the best purchase possible.

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