ALU products Anti-fire products

Anti-fire elements are designed to protect individual spaces against fire. They are designed to separate different fire compartments and connect escape routes in buildings, making them suitable for all locations where fire safety regulations require their installation.



We offer windows, doors, and walls.
The wing and the frame are produced from refractory aluminium. The inner part of the profile consists of a special refractory filler, and special refractory seals and glass. Our offer includes windows, doors and walls that hold back fire up to 30 minutes and longer, depending on the customer’s needs.


They meet EN 1634 standard with ZAG certificate, and are made from steel metal sheet coated with zinc. Composed corner frame can be attached with anchors or inserts, or can be built into a wall. They include a standard cylindrical lock with an insert for a patented key. Black door handle with a steel core. Two hinges – one suspended for an automatic closing, and the other supporting with retaining balls and screws for vertical adjustment. Internal reinforcing elements for anti-panic door handles and for an additional self-closing door mechanism. Thermally extendible seal. Doors are coated with thermally reinforced epoxy polyester powder colours with patterned structure that is resistant to scratches in standard RAL 9002 colour. Doors with optional opening direction and removable lower arrest.

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