Cugelj ALU shutters

ALU shutters are an excellent solution to meet both aesthetic and functional requirements of the customer.

They are the perfect element for installation in traditional architectural areas and coastal towns where shutters are an indispensable construction element.

They protect against adverse weather conditions (bora wind, rain, snow) and against the sun and heat.

They are made of quality materials, so they are easy to use and maintain. At the same time, they the quality materials ensure their long life.

The modern design is suitable for installation on modern buildings, as the edges of the slats are rounded. You can choose from many colours (colours according to the RAL scale) and wood decors. Standard colours: golden oak, mahogany, light oak, dark ranolite, white and green.

We offer the FORTUNA shutter with frame and the option of an integrated insect screen.

The FORTUNA shutter is a shutter with a 55 × 83 mm frame, installed next to the window frame, leaving no empty space between the window and the shutter.

A vertical or horizontal insect screen can be integrated into the frame, so that is perfectly aligned with the shutter frame. It is available in various RAL colours and wood imitations. The insect screen is installed in the shutter frame with a push system.

Available with fixed and movable slats or with a complete infill, with classic swing or folding shutter wings option.

The FORTUNA shutter has a 55 × 83 frame, which has a predetermined space for insect screen installation. The frame of the 55 × 83 shutter has a cover, which also allows the insect screen to be installed later.

In the case of a built-in shutter, the cover can be easily removed and swapped with an insect screen suitable for this frame.

With the 55 × 83 frame, there is also an option to install a 15 mm high sill with a rubber seal to prevent light from entering.

We can also offer you armo HARMONIA folding ALU shutters.

Harmo shutters are an ideal solution for large panoramic window openings and are very important aesthetic details in modern architecture.

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