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What is Windows Mystic?

  • Let’s get back to nature

    Within its oases want materials that are breathable and pleasant, so increasingly we return again to those at which they feel better. Decades have been at the forefront of artificial materials, and yet we know that the best offer only nature itself.

  • Thermal insulation

    When you imagine your new home soon sneaks into the forefront the idea of how to create an energy efficient building, which not only save the high cost of heating in winter and cooling in summer, but also reflect its responsible attitude towards nature.

  • Aesthetics

    Some people opt for large windows for expansive views of the world and at the same time a broad view of his tale, while others carefully protected so carefully planned, smaller windows that provide them with more intimacy. No matter how big the window we want to install in your home, but we want to have our story-quality content.

  • Why MYSTIC? Excellence in innovation

    Starwood system
    Windows Mystic used Starwood system, which is a technological innovation, with its design while meeting the latest standards, environmental requirements and architectural trends.

    Using quality materials
    Line Mystic using Starwood aluminum / wood combines the best properties of both materials; It provides structural strength and provides aesthetic effect.

    No matter in what environment will grow your new home, you’ll windows Mystic create a magic veil, such as you want. Large or small windows, light or dark frames – the appearance of your home can design according to your preferences and create just such a balance between inner and outer worlds, which pleases you the most.

    Types and colors
    Windows from Mystic lines offer a variety of options when choosing a timber that is best for you: classic oak, maple, white oak, cherry, teak wood and rosewood. Even in the choice of colors you can follow your desires – from subtle natural, all the way to the darkest tones.

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