Cugelj custom-made exterior KRPAN blinds

Exterior Venetian blinds are suitable for residential and commercial buildings. They are made of strong and high-quality aluminium, which places them among the best quality exterior sunshades. They allow gradual shading and extremely good protection against the sun and cold.

Advantages of Cugelj exterior blinds:

    • Own production using the highest quality materials, in accordance with the latest European standards.
    • Slat width 80 or 90 mm.
    • 3 slat types available – C 80, T 80 and Z 90.
    • 5 different slat colours: white, silver (RAL 9006 and RAL 9007), beige and anthracite.
    • Possibility of operation with a crank handle (manual), motor-driven with a switch and motor-driven with a remote control.
    • Wind resistance – up to 45 km/h.
    • Concealed and surface-mounted installation
    • Possible combination with an insect screen (fixed, roller, sliding or plisse): the insect screen must be installed first, prior to the Venetian blind.
    • Easy maintenance  >MORE.

NEW! Invisible guides

As an INNOVATION on the market, we present a concealed guide for external concealed Venetian blinds, which is suitable for new constructions

Three slat types for external Venetian blinds

C 80

T 80

Z 90

External Venetian blind designs


External Venetian blind designs

Suitable when the blinds are retrofitted to the window frame. The mask is visible.


Concealed system

Suitable for new constructions or house renovations where the facade will be renovated. The mask is concealed under the facade.

Many operating options

Crank handle operation

Motor-driven with a switch

(switches not included)

Remote control with electric motor

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If you need help, please contact the consultant at our showroom, where other additional options will be presented.

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