Cugelj plisse sunshades

Plisse sunshades are interior sunshades made of pleated textile in an accordion form. They are made of two ALU profiles between which enclose the fabric between them. An extremely large colour palette and fabric transparency enable dimming and decoration of all glass area shapes.


With plisse sunshades, we can freely adjust the amount of light in the room, so they are an ideal solution for living spaces, skylights, conservatories, and partition walls.

Advantages of plisse sunshades:

  • Long useful life
  • Easy – clean installation, use and maintenance
  • Multi-functional sunshade (decorative element, sunshade, curtain replacement
    • 3 in 1)
  • High-quality impregnated polyester fabrics with antistatic coating of various types ensure long-term colourfastness, pleated structure, antistatic, UV protection.
  • Irregular shape shading options
  • They take up very little space.

Design and installation type

In front of the glass

Between the window rails – allows free opening and closing

    • One-sided pull – pulling from top to bottom or vice versa
    • Two-sided pull – pulling from top to bottom and vice versa

Free-hanging – window frame or wall installation

Operation modes

  • One-sided pull – pull with the handle from top to bottom or vice versa
  • Double-sided pull – two handles with which you can pull from top to bottom and vice versa at the same time
  • With a cord – free-hanging design

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