Vekaslide 82

Cugelj PVC lift-slide doors with the profile of the German PVC profile manufacturer VEKA, a classic design with elegantly rounded edges.

1. The parallel guides of the lift-slide wall allow easy opening.

2. The straight threshold contours and its surface treatment make the passage without restrictions. The threshold height is minimal.

3. A newly developed threshold enables the achievement of exceptional thermal insulation values thanks to a duothermic separation with integrated insulation strip, which suppresses heat losses.

  • The frame thickness is 192 mm
  • Monorail or duorail system

Monorail system

Duorail system

  • Glazing thickness up to 48 mm, which enables high thermal protection of the functional glass and which thus reach Uw (thermal conductivity) 0.82 W/m²K, which depends on the combination of the frame and the glass thickness
  • Door sound insulation: Rw = 40 dB, which depends on the combination of the frame and the glass thickness
  • High anti-theft protection
  • Various opening options – up to 6.50 m width and 2.70 m height

We can offer VEKASLIDE 70. Contact our consultants for a quotation.

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