PVC front doors

Cugelj PVC front doors are a nice addition to the facade and the surroundings of your house. Profiles for front door production are wider and additionally strengthened with reinforcements, which prevent the front door from sagging and bending so even after several years of use, the door does not lose its functionality and seals well, just like on the first day of installation. We offer you a wide selection of decorative infill panels, so you will can completely match your door to the house exterior and its surroundings, thus ensuring that the front door will blend with your building.

We install 48 mm thick decorative panels and glass into the door, which ensures excellent thermal and sound insulation of your door.



Ud = od 0,91 do 1,87 W/m2K

Simple PVC doors

Cugelj PVC simple doors are suitable for basements, woodsheds, warehouses or as the side entrance to a house.

Ud = 0,91 do 1,87 W/m2K

PVC doors with decorative infill panel

Cugelj PVC front doors with decorative infill panels ensure the aesthetic perfection of your house.

Assemble the Cugelj PVC front door

Assemble the front door of your choice. You can choose the model, design, dimension, colour, handles … and finally, paste an image of the door onto a photo of your house and send us an inquiry to calculate the price.

Give it a try, you won’t regret it!


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