PVC doors

PVC front door is an interesting detail complementing the façade and the surroundings of your home. Front doors are made of wider and additionally reinforced profiles that prevent the doors from hanging and bending. After many years of use, the door will not lose their functionality and sealing function. Our product range also includes a wide variety of decorative fillers, enabling you to completely adapt the door to the external look of your house and the surroundings, so the door fit well with the rest of your property.

Fillers and glass built into the doors are 48 mm thick, ensuring an excellent thermal and sound insulation of the doors.





Do you want to purchase new front door that is beautiful, high-quality and affordable?

Do you want to purchase PVC door and other builders’ joinery, and are looking for a reliable partner with years of experience

  • Do you want to get it all in one place (advice, measurements, assembly, installation, etc.)?
  • Are you looking for reliability, punctuality, responsiveness, and expertise?
  • Are you looking for a PVC door with the best value for money on the market?
  1. Produced in Slovenia – SLOVENIAN QUALITY.
  2. All services (dismantlement, disposal, installation and finishing work) are performed in one place by our qualified employees, and not by external contractors.
  3. We cooperate with the most recognized GERMAN suppliers: VEKA, SCHÜCO, and ROTO.
  4. Defects not resulting from physical damages or inappropriate handling are remedied free of charge.
  5. In cases of complaints, we offer immediate service and spare parts.
  6. Short delivery times.
  • Cugelj PVC doors – for those who want a beautiful, high-quality and
    affordable door. Check it out yourself!

    • Doors are made from VEKA and SCHÜCO profiles.
    • Doors are filled with 48 mm thick fillers.
    • Doors are internally reinforced guaranteeing their firmness and stability.
    • Excellent thermal and sound insulation.
    • By default, all doors are equipped with a basic anti-theft protection produced by ROTO, guaranteeing a high level of safety.
    • Doors are durable and simple to maintain.

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