Types of glass available

Glass covers up to 75% of the window area, so it is a very important component of the window. It affects the very properties of the window, namely it determines the thermal and sound insulation and anti-theft protection.

Glass type and thickness, noble gases (Argon, Krypton), and middle spacer (ALU or warm edge) are factors that ensure energy consumption savings.

At Cugelj, we offer the following glass types:

  • Double or triple-layered glass, which can be:
  1. Insulating glass with thermal protection
  2. Laminated safety glass (VSG)
  3. Tempered safety glass (ESG)
  4. Solar control glass
  5. Soundproof insulating glass – noise protection
  • Ornamental glass

Ornamental glass further enhances the appearance of windows or doors, and provides privacy from the prying looks of your neighbours. We offer the following ornamental glass:

ROSA 4mm

SATINATO 4mm, 6mm




Are you looking for something else

If you cannot not find the most suitable glazing for you, please contact the consultant in our branch, where other additional options will be presented.

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