Window accessories

Inner cross bars

In our range, we have inner cross bars – brass or aluminum mesh of different colours in the inter-glazing space; does not interfere with glass cleaning.

Inner cross bars thickness:

  • 8mm (brass)
  • 18mm in 26mm (white/white, RAL/RAL, white/RAL)

Finishing slats - only for PVC windows

For a more attractive final look of your windows, we offer you FINISHING SLATS.

We have the following types of finishing slats:

  • PVC self-adhesive flat profile 6m: 20X3/2, 30X3/2, 40X3/2, 50X3/2, 60/3X2, 70X3/2.
    In white or renolit.

  • PVC self-adhesive flat profile 6m: 20×7, 30×7, 40×7, 50×7.
    V beli ali ranolit barvi.

  • PVC self-adhesive flat profile 6m: 60×7, 80×7, 100×7 in white.

  • Corner profile 6m 20x20x2,5, 30x30x2, 20x50x2, 40x40x2, 25x40x2, 50x50x2, 60x40x2, 60x60x2, 25x60x2 in white.

Window sills

For a perfect appearance of your window, you also need an attractive and useful window sill.

  • Interior window sills
  • PVC window sills in white and marble:
  • Exterior window sills
  • ALU window sills

They stand out for their exceptional durability, easy cleaning and maintenance. They are available in different colours. The basic colours are white, brown, grey (anodised) and anthracite.

  • Granite window sills

We can offer you a Rosa Beta granite window sill:

  • Artificial stone window sills (internal and external)
  • modern, solid, elastic and technologically and colour-matched with PVC, wooden and ALU windows
  • non-porous and with a smooth and glossy surface
  • resistant to all weather conditions, UV rays, salts, acids and DO NOT ABSORB water
  • suitable for energy-saving buildings
  • tested at the Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute
  • made in Slovenia
  • available in different colours (available in different colour shades):

Irregular glass shapes

At Cugelj, in addition to the usual glass shapes, we also offer irregular glass shapes:

Are you looking for something else?

If you cannot find the most suitable glazing for you, please contact the consultant in our showroom where other additional options will be presented.

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