Custom made interior Venetian blinds and plisee shades.

Custom-made interior Venetian blinds

Interior Venetian blinds are traditional and well-established shades that enable partial shading of a room. They are made from a high-quality 25 mm thick aluminium. They are used to shade rooms in both housing and business units. You can choose from a wide variety of colours for slats and strings, and thus use interior Venetian blinds to decorate you home or office.

Advantages of interior Venetian blinds:

  • Easy to attach and maintain.
  • Affordable
  • Gradual shading.
  • Decorative (wide variety of colour combinations).

Plisee shades

Plisee shades are interior sunshades made from creased fabric that resembles an accordion. They are made from two ALU profiles with fabric stretched between them. An extremely wide variety of colours and the transparency of fabric enable you to shade and decorate glass surfaces of any shape.

With plisee shades you can adapt the amount of light in the room in any way you like, thus making them an ideal solution for houses, roof windows, winter gardens, and partition walls.

Advantages of plisee shades.

  • Long life time.
  • High-quality fabric (impregnated polyester fabric with an anti-static coating).
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Great functionality (decorative element, shading, supplement for curtains).
  • Ease of use.
  • Diverse assembly possibilities.
  • Great UV protection (depends on the chosen fabric).
  • Plisee can be moved to both sides (a plisee can be moved to one side or to both sides thus rearranging the fabric on glass differently).

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