Sunshades and anti-insect nets

Ventilated rooms and no insects – Cugelj anti-insect nets

  • Do you want to enjoy an optimum protection against insects despite open windows and balcony door?
  • How can you ventilate your rooms without letting unwanted insects in?
  • Do you want to prevent insects from entering the room when the lights are on?

Sleep well with Cugelj anti-insect nets!

The frame of an anti-insect net is made from high-quality aluminium. Aluminium ensures long life time since it is corrosion resistant and does not bend.

The net is made from special glass fibres ensuring that the net is stable, perfectly stretched, and weather-resistant. As anti-insect nets on your windows need to be almost invisible, our offer includes a special net made of thinner threads enabling better ventilation and greater visibility.


FIXED ANTI-INSECT NETS:suitable for windows through which you do not reach to the outside. They are integrated directly into the window frame, and can be removed and reinstalled. This is especially useful for cleaning purposes or if you want to remove them when you no longer need them (during winter).

ROLLER ANTI-INSECT NETS:ideal solution for windows when you need access to the external part of the window (e.g. to water plants). When you lift the net, it rolls up into the box, similar to blinds.

HINGED ANTI-INSECT NETS (AMERICAN DOOR): this type of anti-insect net is especially suitable for spaces with frequent passages (balcony doors). A special magnetic system ensures that the net remains closed also in windy conditions. Open door to a balcony or terrace creates a large opening allowing insects to easily fly into your home. The problem can be easily solved with a Cugelj hinged anti-insect net.

SLIDING ANTI-INSECT NETS:an ideal protection against insects for passages that lead to balconies or terraces. They are usually attached on sliding panoramic doors.

ANTI-INSECT NETS INTEGRATED INTO BLINDS: the right choice if you want the best possible shading and complete protection against insects. They can be installed into roll-boxes together with blinds, or into roll-boxes of exterior Venetian blinds.

PLISEE ANTI-INSECT NETS: anti-insect net is designed for spaces with frequent passages. The net folds horizontally (similar to a plisee shade) and is known for its long life time.

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