PVC front door accessories

We offer you a wide variety of accessories for Cugelj front doors, such as:

• locks,
• lock cylinders,
• self-closing door mechanisms,
• fingerprint scanners,
• door knockers,
• peepholes.


Cugelj PVC simple doors are equipped as standard with a five-point lock.

Lock cylinders

All Cugelj front doors are equipped asstandard with a lock cylinder three keys and basic safety features.

Additionally, the front door can be upgraded with a security cylinder with a security card – ER SYSTEM CYLINDER, which is encoded and anti-drill at the same time, and ensures the maximum security of your home. The ER profile is a completely new core profile with several different subprofiles that can be unlocked by the same master key. A larger number of subprofiles allows the development of larger, more complex systems.

  • five brass locking pins
  • anti-bumping and anti-picking
  • more than 200,000 different lock combinations
  • specially designed safety pins (anti-picking)
  • protection against body and core drilling
  • special profile
  • security card with the identification number guarantees that the lock is unique to the customer and only when the card is presented can additional keys and cylinders be produced.

Cylinders may also have a buttonon the inside to allow keyless locking from the inside.

Self-closing door mechanisms - additional option

Vent - additional option

Door vents are used for all kinds of air conditioning, for ventilation or where the air amount needs to be regulated. Vents are suitable for both air extraction and air supply. You can get aluminium grilles of stainless steel of different dimensions. The standard vents are in silver grey.

Fingerprint scanners – additional option

We offer different types of accessories for the elegance and security of your home:

  • Fingerprint scanner and code keypad lock made by the Slovenian manufacturer Navcom
  • BIO reader
  • BIO handle R4
  • Touchpad
Bio reader
Bio handle R4
  • Peephole – additional option:

Standard peephole

Digital peephole

  • Door knocker – additional option:

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