External concealed roller shutter system, rollbox is not visible

Improves insulation and increases the security of your home.

The Cugelj external concealed roller shutter system is intended for new constructions (before the facade is made) and for adaptation (where a new facade is made).

Save energy and heating costs

The Cugelj external concealed roller shutter system with a rollbox that is not visible protects you from the wind and other external weather conditions and from the heat in the house, of course. At the same time, it reduces your energy consumption and thus your heating costs.

Optimal house temperature

Roller shutters protect from even the strongest sunlight so your living and working spaces stay pleasantly cool even during hot summer days. During cold winter nights, the air cushion between the roller shutter and the window forms an additional insulation layer, which prevents the intrusion of cold air from the outside.

Increased security of your home

Solid, impact-resistant plastic or aluminium constructions offer protection from uninvited guests. We can offer additional anti-theft protection as an option.

  • The Cugelj external concealed roller shutter system with a rollbox that is not visible is intended for installation on the external window frame before the facade is made. The facade covers the rollbox so that it is not visible from the outside. Installation is quick and does not require much preparation. They can be installed on new constructions (before the facade is made) and in adaptations (the construction of a new facade).
  • A rollbox system that is not visible after installation. The box size is 17 (Height) x 17 + 3 (Width) cm
  • Possibility of installing PVC or ALU slats.
  • Possible installation of an integrated roller insect screen.

Choose between ALU and PVC slats

PVC SLATS: slat width is 37 mm. They are made of quality plastics. The slat interior is divided by partition walls which make it stronger and more resistant to external influences.

PVC white

PVC grey

ALU LAMELE: širina lamele je 39 mm. Izdelane so iz kvalitetnega ALU materiala. Notranjost profila lamela je polnjena s poliuretansko peno – to naredi lamelo trdnejšo in odpornejšo na zunanje vplive.

ALU white

ALU grey

ALU beige

ALU golden oak

ALU dark brown

ALU anthracite

Številne možnosti za upravljanje rolet

Automatic control operation


Crank handle operation

Motor-driven with a switch

(switches not included)

Remote control with electric motor

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